6 अगस्त 2008

Friendship (SMS)

(1) As I saw ants crawl up the wall,
I noticed that no matter how busy they are,
they still stop and communicate with each other.
I hope we can be like them.

(2) Medicines and friendships cure our problems.
The only difference is that friendships don’t have an expiry date.

(3) Friendship never speaks volumes,
it never demands proof,
it never has a happy ending too simply
coz it doesn’t end as long as friends r true,
just like U!

(4) If ur friendship be money,
I’ll be richest man.If ur friendship be pounds,
I’ll be heaviest man.If ur friendship be luv,
I’ll be luckiest man.
But ur friendship is trust & I’m the happiest man

(5) If luck is a raindrop, I wil; send u a shower.
If hope is a minute, I ll send you an hour.
If happiness is a leaf, I ll give you a tree.
If u need a friend, u already have me.

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